The mere difference of adding or not adding wire to bras has been a reason for debate in the female lingerie world for as long as we can remember. Some women prefer the comfort of Wirefree bras while others want that lift and oomph factor provided by the underwired bras.

Many women fear that their underwired bras can cause breast cancer while others fear that the Wirefree bra will not provide shoulder and back support which can thus cause chronic pain. Also, there is a notion that going Wirefree means to devoid the busts of the necessary support which can thus cause sagging and other problems related to breast tissue damage.

Most of these fears are nothing but myths, but choosing the right size and shape of your breasts is very important. It might not cause cancer but can bring in a host of other health issues and sagging is one of them.

If you are among the majority of women who wear the wrong style of bras most of the time, you can either a De Bra’s store in Australia or ask for a virtual fitting session so that their experts can determine the right style and size for you. Their experts do not even need tape measurements to evaluate the correct size of any womens bras. After you have determined the correct fit for you, you can place your order from their wide selection of bras to get doorstep delivery to your residence in Australia and other parts of the world.

Benefits of going Wirefree with your bras

  1. They are more comfortable:
  • Of course, with no pressure exerted on the skin from the wires, wirefree bras are very comfortable to wear during your everyday routine.
  1. With minimal padding, they can provide a great shape to the breasts:
  • By adding round padding to these bras, you can get the desired shape much similar to the underwired ones.
  1. A wirefree minimiser bra is perfect for heavy busts:
  • It provides perfect coverage even for nipples and gives the minimalistic desired shape to the breasts.
  • Additionally, the double layering is extremely supportive and yet very comfortable.
  1. They are long-lasting:
  • In the underwired bras, the wires do not start to poke or get out of whack.
  • Even after several washes, the fit of the wirefree bras remains unaffected.
  1. You can even sleep while wearing a bra:
  • Cotton wirefree bras are so comfortable that you won’t feel any discomfort even if you fall asleep with the bra on.
  1. The right size provides adequate support:
  • Even a wrong size underwired bra might not provide adequate support.
  • Support is not guaranteed by the presence of wires but by finding the correct size for your breasts.

While underwired bras do provide a good lift and separation that many girls prefer, but they can still cause chaffing by the wires pressing the skin all day. This also increases your risk of developing a skin infection. The poking wires can also feel uncomfortable when you have to spend a long day at work. Wirefree bras on the other hand give your skin and tissues a space to breathe. With some lace detailing, you can also feel gorgeous wearing wirefree bras.