Photography is something much more than just taking the pictures. It is a whole process that start from the booking of the photographer to the day the final images are delivered. There are a lot of steps in between as well that need preparation and planning. Most of the times, the people would ask the photographer what to wear for the photoshoot, therefore it is important that you know all these things about a good photoshoot and should be able to guide your client about the best photoshoot makeup as well, because a dress is not complete without a good makeup.

So let us discuss some makeup and styling tips that a photographer should know for a perfect photoshoot.

  • Always start with a clean and a well moisturized skin because the prettier the skin is, the better the results are.
  • When applying makeup, make sure that you are using the natural daylight for checking out your looks. The indoor lights in the bathrooms or in some other area do not give such good results. Also if the photoshoot is in the outdoor, you will need the same amount of light to check how it will appear.
  • The use of a good primer is as important as a good foundation. So use a primer to mix the whole tone of the face, to conceal large pores and to even out any marks. Then apply foundation but be humble in applying because too much of the base or primer would make the face look cakey.
  • The mineral makeup should be prevented from using when you are doing your photoshoot makeup because the mineral makeup is pretty suitable for the day to day routine to give a shiny look but in the portrait it would not look good at all because of the undesirable amount of glow.
  • The shine in the photos captured is not welcome at all because the results are really not good. Therefore, you should use the matte foundation and apply it gently to your face.
  • For a portrait, the eyes can play a very beautiful role so you should try to play up with the eyes and make them appear as beautiful as can be. But when you are applying makeup on your eyes, be sure not to use any glitter or shimmer. Keep it simple and apply only the matte colors or subtle neutral colors to enhance the eyes. The golden brown color in the matte tone, gives the best results for the makeup on eyes, making sure that it has been blended properly.
  • A mascara application is something highly recommended for you because it gives a really bold look to your eyes. If you can manage it, try using a new mascara to avoid clumpy lashes and also the one that is waterproof. Applying two generous coats of mascara would promise better results.
  • Choose a neutral and natural looking blush color but still no glitters allowed!