Everything is getting smaller except our cell phones which seem to be getting larger… but that could be explored all on its own in a separate post. What we are here to talk about today is your wallet, and how you need to do LESS with it. Now, I should probably add the caveat here that when I say “GUYS” earlier, I am primarily speaking to men in this article. Ladies, I understand that your wallets are an entirely different ball game because you can just throw them in a purse and call it a day. You don’t have to worry about bulging pockets… mainly because your clothes rarely have pockets… which ALSO could be an entire blog post.

I think I’ve made myself clear as to what we will be discussing here, so why don’t we just jump right in and explore all of the many options you have as far as a minimalist wallet.

THE MONEY CLIP – This, I would say, is barely a wallet, to begin with, but for some, that is a blessing in disguise. The negative side of things here is that your cards and money and anything you may store in your wallet is going to be met with the elements at all times. From jean pockets to potentially wet restaurant tables, but it is THE SLIMMEST option you have. They have some very stylish and interesting looking money clips that you could invest in, and keep things simple and more importantly slim in your pocket.

THE HYBRID CLIP WALLET – This wallet is very similar to the clip except it’s the best of both worlds. You have a small organization pouch with a few slots for cards with a clip attached to the back. This protects all of your plastic money while also offers you the same slim profile of just having a money clip. Frequently, the pouch portion is made out of some sort of leather, and not only ends up being pretty durable, but looks better and better with age. This is a good option if you’re not ready to commit to the clip, but also want to slim down your situation. I love this one from Urban Tribe.

THE CREDIT CARD HOLDER – Let’s just get rid of the cash clip. How frequently are you even using cash these days? Couldn’t you just fold it up and put it in one of those credit card slots? Doesn’t the clip feel a bit old school?  Remember when wallets had zip-up pouches for change? We got rid of those, do you miss them? These are the questions of today! This is potentially the slimmest option other than the clip, but this one certainly has the drawback of the missing cash clip.

THE HYBRID CARD HOLDER – There are so many innovative options on the web for the cardholder. Some are made out of metal and have special buttons that shoot out just the card you need. Some are more artsy and combine a beautiful wood and resin front, but have a rubber band in the back. Some are even attached to the back of cell phone cases. Playing around with different materials for wallets is a great way to slim down and eliminate the access things you don’t need in a wallet.

The world is your oyster when it comes to wallets. Just get out there and find yourself something simple, usable, and something you can carry around with you that you won’t have to constantly be aware of. Get rid of that atrocious pocket bulge, and minimize your wallet.